About St. Michael's

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church at the Corner of North main and North Streets was established in 1858.  It is said that the current church was built between 1887 - 1888, fashioned in the style of American Carpenter Gothic.

Historians state that the arrival of numerous Irish laborers during the Erie Railroad spurred the creating of a Catholic station, mission and finally a parish in Warsaw.

The early brick church used by St. Michael's still stand today, down the street from the current church built during the "salt boom" years.

The main window (pictured top left) was fabricated in Oberammergau out of Bavarian glass for the Pan-Am Exposition which was celebrated in Buffalo, NY in 1901. The window was purchased for St. Michael's new church by Father John Rogers. It depicts St. Michael the Archangel, one of three archangels cited in the Holy Scriptures.  St. Michael is cited in the Book of Revelations (Rev. 12:7) as the leader of the heavenly hosts who defeat the devil and win a victory for God's Church.  St. Michael is the protector of the people of God.

The Prince of Light is depicted by his sword of flame and his shield which bears time imprint "Quis ut Deus" - "Who is like God."

In 2008, the people of St. Michael's Parish, on the occasion of their anniversary of 150 years, rededicated their house of God.  In July of this same year, the rejuvenation of the worship space was undertaken by the Swiatek Studio of Buffalo, NY, with a completion in December of 2008.

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