St. Michael’s Educational Endowment Fund

The St. Michael’s Educational Endowment Fund may have grant money for your organization!  Please see the below Mission Statement and general rules for the granting of money, to see if your group may qualify!!

The purpose of St. Michael’s Educational Endowment fund is to provide money for educational projects here in our parish and the community in which our parish resides. Such groups as the School, FFD program, Maturing Years, Adult Education and enrichment efforts are examples of those projects that could benefit from this fund.  A Board of Trustees has been approved to oversee the fund, working to increase the principal of the fund, as well as receive and evaluate applications for fund money, which is drawn from the interest. The Endowment Fund can help St. Michael’s Parish maintain financial security for educational projects in the years ahead. The Endowment Fund is specifically for educational  purposes. Those that apply for a grant will be required to show how the project is educational and of specific benefit to our Parish and community.

Those who wish to apply for grant money may do so by contacting St. Michael’s Parish during normal business hours to pick up a grant application or you may also obtain an application on the St. Michael’s Parish website-see link below. Upon completion of the application, it should be returned to the Parish Office.

At the next meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Educational Endowment Fund, the Trustees will review any applications received. Following that meeting, applicants will be contacted regarding the status of their application.

Should your application be approved, further information will be given at that time pertaining to the disbursement of funds. Please be advised that you will be expected to provide detailed information in the grant application, stating the goals of the project and the educational purpose. You may be required to file an interim report. You will also be required to complete an evaluation of the project upon its completion.

​​Please click here to access the Application.

​The Application is in Microsoft Word for easy completion.
​Please download to complete, print and return.